New Apple iPhone 5s specifications

Apple iPhone 5s comes with real multi colors and  128GB storage capacity ,iOS7,NFC and IGZO technology.

 Apple the company of passion and technology plans to launch iPhone latest version  iPhone 5s in market on the mid of 2013.Specially company launching  iPhone with in multiple colors first time. iPhone 5s has a  higher-resolution display than the iPhone 5. It will with a brighter and detailed screen,while also potentially dropping the thickness of the handset.

Apple iPhone 5s have IGZO technology and this technology was displayed for the first time inside a 32in 4k claims that and increase his storage capacity upto 128 GB, iPhone 5 has 64GB storage capacity.It could become a reality as Apple has increased the largest capacity iPhone every two generations.

Apple increases the power of the hardware. That could mean a faster, more-powerful processor, more RAM, better microphones or even improved speakers. The iPhone 5S will almost assuredly be running  iOS 7. The iPhone 5s is also claimed to include near-field communications (NFC) support,this system is already used in many Android smartphones but NFC is absent from the iPhone 5.

Currently the app store in the iPhone comes with over 700, 000 applications and games which could see some new numbers to add on giving the hardware and software up gradations.

The battery life could also be improved with the iPhone 5S its might board in a bigger battery to power the device so that there are no lags while using the smartphone. So this is a short specification of apple iPhone 5s.

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