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The future of the Galaxy series of smartphones which we all love is the next big thing in the world of mobile technology. Yes, we are talking of the much anticipated and speculated Samsung Galaxy S6, which is expected to revolutionize the mobile market with its cutting edge technology.

S6 Will Hit The Market On March 2015

Galaxy S6- Creating a new breed of high-end smartphones

With Samsung Galaxy S5, the company has created a different segment of smartphone altogether. And now the S6 is expected to come with a plethora of high end features which will lure you instantly. Samsung Galaxy S6 will be a high end smartphone that will come with plethora of features. The device will run on the latest version of android operating system and will be powered by dual core processing unit. In terms of performance, Galaxy S6 will be one of the best devices in the market. The poly carbonate body will give it an exceptional look. The device will be available in multiple color option so that you can choose your favorite one. Without any doubt,Galaxy S6 is expected to be one of the best smart phones when it will be released next year.

Samsung will fire the Samsung S6 with the most advanced hardware and software of the generation in the 2014 but the question is, everything would be under a good price range for a consumer? The answer is yes, however Galaxy Note 3 is one of the most costly phablet / smartphone that Samsung has ever launched and it is priced at 770 USD in most of the countries. Guess what, Galaxy S5 would also get the maximum price tag of the 750 USD in the beginning and later would be sold for pretty handsome discount and same thing would happen in the case with the Galaxy S6 price. But we are not sure because the flexible display concept could increase the cost. However the price of Galaxy S6 would be maintained in the range between 750 and 800 USD Max.

Design and Display

The New Galaxy S6 will come with a high end design and is also expected to available in multiple colors. One of the best things about this device is that despite the large screen size, it will be very easy to hold in the hands. With the multiple color options, you can choose the one that suits your needs. The sleek bar design structures ensures that the device can be used with ease. The rear and front camera are perfectly placed in the design. The design also features smooth as well as nonlinear line which gives it a perfect finishing touch.

The Galaxy S6 will come with a screen resolution of 4K which offers the best viewing experience when it comes to HD content. The screen size will range from 5.5 to 6.0 inch which is perfect for watching high-definition videos on your device. So if you are looking for a smartphone with exceptional multimedia and display capabilities, the Galaxy S6 will be your perfect companion. The screen also comes with advanced features like ULTRA AMOLED, capacitive touch and Samsung customized user interface. It offers the best android experience to the users. The device also has high pixel density with automatic light adjustment features so that you can see the screen clearly even under bright sunlight.

The smartphone is one of the most searched after concept phones on the web, and is also expected to be one hell of a performer. It is very much likely that the Samsung Galaxy S6 will be a rugged smartphone with waterproof feature(like the S5), but it is also expected to be quite a good looking device,due to metallic unibody exterior.

Some of the other features users can expect in the Galaxy S6 are as follows.

  • Mobile networks : 2G/3G/4G LTE,5G
  • 3.5mm headphone jack, USB 3.0
  • Dimension : 152.5x 70.1 x 6.8 mm
  • Weight: 115 gm
  • NFC, Wireless Charging
  • 3D OLED/ 4K display
  • Waterproof, dustproof
  • RAM: 4GB
  • Internal Memory: 64GB/128 GB variants
  • CPU : Exynos 6 Hexa core  with latest ARM based Mali GPU

Expected Battery and storage & Connectivity of Upcoming Galaxy S6

The Galaxy S6 is expected to be powered by a 4000mAH lithiumion battery which provides sufficient back up even under heavy usage. The device will offer a talk time of approximately 36 hours in 2 G mode and 18-20 hours in 3G mode.

You can also listen to music for more than 50 hours on the device. It can play high definition videos consistently. In term of performance and battery life, it will be one of the most powerful devices in the market. Samsung Galaxy S6 will come with 16 gigabyte of internal storage which can be expanded to 128 gigabytes via external card. Its internal memory will be ample enough to for all high end applications and games.

So if you are looking to make the most out of your smartphone experience then Samsung Galaxy S6 is the perfect option for you. The device might also come with 4 gigabyte RAM to support high end applications and games.The Galaxy S6 might come with connectivity features like 3G, LTE, Bluetooth, A-GPS, Wi-Fi, WI-FI direct and tethering support..

Apart from this it will also offer advanced connectivity features like tethering and hotspot. Google maps will come pre-installed with the device. The multimedia experience is simply amazing with Galaxy S6. With the memory storage capacity of up to 128 GB, the user can store messages, photos and videos in the phone with ease. Also, the magnificently comfortable to operate 21 Mega Pixel camera (Ultra Pixel Sensor) recording at 8K resolution (ready content for your 8K resolution TV) provide the facility of clicking and video recording to the user. The phone is expected to be available in the sophisticated white colour for those who like to grab a decent phone that adds to their style.

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