Thoughts of Success

Success does not depend on making decisions quickly,
But it depends on talking quick action on important decisions….!

You don’t have to be Great to start,
but you have to start to be great….!

Its Better to look ahead and prepare
┬áthan to look back and disappear….!

See the clock only when you don’t have work,
don’t see clock when you are working,..clock is a lock of success….!

Be simple but look stylish,Be tough but look soft,
Be tense but look cool,Be a beginner but look Winner…..!

Lets on feeling of discouragement prey upon you,
and in the end you are sure to success…..!

As we look ahead into the next century,
leaders will be those who emperor others…..!

The only place where success comes
before work is in the dictionary…..!

Failure defeats losers,
failure inspires winners….!

Success is liking yourself,like what you do,
and liking how you do it….!

Success is walking from failure to failure
with no loss enthusiasm…..!

The road to success and road to failure
are almost exactly the same….!

If you don’t have a competitive advantage,don’t compete….!

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