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Never search your happiness in others
alone,alone sms,alone,alone sms,
it will make you feel alone.
But search it in yourself,
you will feel happy even
if you are alone……!

Memories sometimes
behave in a crazy way….
They leave you alone when
you are in a crowd….
And when you are alone they
stand along with you like a


I am standing alone in the crowd,
Surrounded by people and music so loud.
My loneliness vanishes in a while,
As I think of you and your lovely smile…..!

 In making decisions regarding your life consider only what your heart says as this life has been granted to you and you alone….!

Don’t leave me alone.
I know I was wrong but I am sorry for that.
Please come back to me.
I love you from the core of my Heart.
Are you Feel Alone and You Need a Person.
A Best Friend.
Do you feel you Need a Shoulder to Cry on anytime
Then Come To me I am always for you….!

Value of relation is not that
how much one feels happy with some one.
But it is that how much a person
feel alone without some one….!
Walking alone is not very difficult, But it is hard when you are coming back alone after a long time of walking, talking and laughing with someone….!


When u feel lonely and alone
and cannot see any one around you,
the world seems to be fading away,
come along with me
I will take you to on my eye…..!


Being Alone Usually Looks Sad To People…
alone,alone sms,alone,alone sms,
Being Alone Is better than to have Somebody
Who Makes You Feel Alone…. !


Every time I am alone..I remember the day i met love…It was a sparkle that made me fall and a tear that made that it hurt .. so i remember .. it is better being alone Because  u were a mistake to my heart….!

When you feel alone, just look at the spaces between your fingers, remember that in those spaces you can see my fingers locked with yours forever….!


Another day has gone,
I am still alone.
How could this be,
you are not here with me.
Every day I think and get the feeling.
Something whisper in my ears and
say I am here with you.
you are not Alone.

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