Quick Macaroni and Cheese recipe


Dilicious,Yummy, Testy,Healthy, Macaroni and cheese recipe.cook quickly and enjoy
The best Macaroni and Cheese recipe, a great, simple and quick Macaroni and Cheese recipe to try. These products that are dated to over seven decades back were known anciently to be key appetizers and in its history, flavoured cheese with deliciously cooked macaroni have developed complete takeover of the rich market explaining the core derivative of its delicious nature. Just from the carefully added ingredients and the much known quality being seen in most of the dishes associated with macaroni and cheese, the dishes have critical sense of attraction which everyone with real appetite will not opt to miss. Macaroni and cheese is more than getting a plate of mouth watering foods; it simply goes even beyond the uniqueness of the combinations themselves. With a vast class of cheese and macaroni available everywhere in the market today, a sweet meal of the packaged mixes would give you a real appetite and everyone would like to simply enjoy.

  • 6 cups macaroni pasta

  • 1 cup cheese (grated)

  • 1 cup bacon (rindless)

  • 1/2 cup milk

  • 1 cup cream

  • 1/2 cup dried breadcrumbs

  • salt & pepper

1  Boil a pot of water and add pasta for 6minutes
2  In a frying pan brown up the bacon lightly
3  Strain pasta and add back into the pot with cream, milk and cheese
4  Cook pasta until thick and cheese has melted
5  Season pasta with with pepper, salt, bacon and breadcrumbs and mix
6  In a baking dish add the macaroni mix and sprinkle with extra cheese and breadcrumbs and grill until golden brown
NOW  your yummy,testy,healthy recipe is ready to eat.Serve this Macaroni and Cheese recipe to your childrens and family members and enjoy this dilicious  recipe at home…………


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