Homemade Face Packs Recipe of Neem

 Neem is an Antiseptic plant and it has many benefits on the skin.


Hi, how are you Guys ?,I hope you all are fine.Today i am presenting a Homemade face pack recipe only for you.This recipe is based on an Antiseptic plant “NEEM”.Our Ancestors are know very well about the Quality of  this antiseptic plant, But i want to discuss with you all importance  and Quality of  NEEM.
I Hope you all are know Neem is an Antiseptic plant and it has many benefits on the skin.For a long time people used his green leaves as a Ayurvedic medicine.Neem leaves are work as a Medicine of many skin and hair problems. Neem also mix with hot water to take bath, it is also a blood purifier Agent.Neem have anti-bacterial properties.This Antiseptic properties are make it the best product of cure of diseases.
 If you are intruseted to make Neem face pack at Home.So, I give you some tips to make this Antiseptic face pack at Home.

Here are some neem face packs recipes so read carefully because these all are change your life forever.


  • Neem and Lemon with Rose water face pack-This face pack cure acne and pimples.For make this facepack take Neem powder in a bowl.Adding lemon juice and rose water in the bowl and Mix well.After this prepration apply this face pack on face and hold 15-20 minutes.Face wash with cold water. I am sure this face pack work magically  and its reduse acne and pimple only 2-3 days.


  • Neem paste– Neem paste give clear and flawless skin.So firstly boil some Neem leaves in water. After boiling, drain the leaves and mash leaves into a paste.Apply this paste on the face and let it dry for 5-10 minutes.Use the cold water for wash the face,and get clear,glowing and flawless skin.This paste also reduse redness,itchiness and scars.


Note-this face pack very useful for oily skin peoples.

  •  Neem with Lemon juice face pack-This face pack specially for oily skins.It also removes dead skin cells and extracts oil from the skin.For making this face pack, mash some leaves of Neem and add few lemon juice drops.Mixed it and apply on the face for 12-15 minutes.After the 15 monutes wash face with cold water.This face pack also reduse dark spot and pimple scars.


  • Neem with basen,curd face pack-This face pack is the best face pack of Neem.This face pack give not only moisturises and soften the skin it also cure the acne and help to get a glowing skin.For making this face pack add beson and curd in a bowl ,mix it .Now add Neem powder mix it in bowl and apply on the face and neck for getting moisturised and soften skin.


  •  Neem and Milk face pack-for making this Homemade face pack take a bowl add Neem powder and  milk, you can also take a few drops of Lemon juice,After this pepration mix it well .Apply on your face, let it dry  then wash the face with cold water and get fresh,soft and clear skin.Spl. For ladies if you want soft,fresh and glowing skin use this Homemade face pack daily.


  • Tulsi,Neem and Honey face pack-Tulsi is also an Ayurvedic plant,it also cure of many diseases In India people used tulsi leaves in tea.Tulsi and Neem reduse pimples,acne and other skin problems.So take a bowl add tulsi and Neem powder and few drops of honey mix it well ,apply on face or neck and when this paste dry then wash the face with cold water.

So these are few face packs that are made with neem and help of some other natural eliments.

If  you know any other face pack? Do share with faltuz.com I hope you and me always Help to each other.

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