Pumpkin Help Heal Diabetes

A sweet vegetable, pumpkin can help cure diabetes.faltuz.com


Most of people hate Pumpkin because its look ugly.But number of people like to eat it.It is a sweet vegetable. So, some people conclude that if you have diabetes you cannot have pumpkin. But this is a myth based on misinformation and lack of knowledge. Not only can diabetics have this vegetable comfortably, it is also good for their condition. Now inspite of being a sweet vegetable, pumpkin can help cure diabetes.

 Let Us See How Pumpkin Helps To Diabetic Person…

Gl or Glycemic Index: Pumpkin has very low GI or glycemic index. The GI is a count of how much a particular food raises your blood sugar level. High GI foods like potatoes, rice etc are prohibited for diabetics. But although pumpkin has starch, its GI is really low.

Heals the pancreas: We all know that insulin is produced by the pancreas and when it does not function properly, you become diabetic. Pumpkin has proven to heal the pancreatic tissues of diabetic rats. So, we can certainly hope that pumpkin will cure diabetes in humans at some point of time.

 Measure of Preventive : It is also a preventive measure against this chronic diesease. pumpkin on a regular basis can actually lower your chances of developing diabetes. Pumpkin is one of the must have vegetables for diabetics. For example, pumpkin pie is one of the best recipes for diabetic. If you are diabetic and want this vegetable to give you the best results, Lets see here is how you should have it.

 Diabetes  Spices:  pumpkin pie made with cinnamon and nutmeg is a good idea because both these spices are diabetes friendly. But if you add red chili powder to pumpkin, it will only spoil the nutrients.

Without sweet or Sugar: You must eat pumpkin as a replacement for sugary dessert. So, it defeats the purpose if you have pumpkin with sugar.

 Without Oil: Frying pumpkin would adding calories to it and destroying its nutrition. Have pumpkin baked, steamed or grilled but not fried.
  So, Guys these ways pumpkin helps diabetics, it is very helpful for diabetics

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