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Hello Guys, you have noticed the receding hairline on your forehead!, why are you so worried about your thinning hair? So I am going to give away Homemade sure-shot ways to prevent hair loss so that you can then work upon your hair growth regime to bring back your crowning glory! But before that take notice of a fact related to your hair loss, it’ll prove helpful to you.

We all lose some hair strands each day. So, it’s normal to see some hair coming off your scalp when you brush your hair daily. Normally we lose about 80-100 strands daily due to the end of life cycle of a hair strand. If that’s the matter, you don’t have to worry a lot.

How can I stop my hair fall,Homemade remedies to stop hair fall,

Just continue to have a stress-less healthy lifestyle including balanced diet. It’s when you see an abnormal loss of hair that you should start taking measures to stop this. There are many causes of hair loss. You may lose hair due to some hormonal changes, unhealthy lifestyle, junk food devoid of nutritional value, stress, some medication, vitamins deficiency, thyroid problems, menopause etc.

How can I stop my hair fall,Homemade remedies to stop hair fall,How can I stop my hair fall,Homemade remedies to stop hair fall,

The important causes of hair fall or hair loss includes

• Hereditary conditions
• Stress
• Medical conditions such as anemia and autoimmune diseases and thyroid disorders
• Cancer
• Scalp infections
• Skin conditions like psoriasis, dermatitis
• Pregnancy
• Certain hairstyles which causes traction on the hair.
• Hair-pulling disorder
• Menopause
• Medications

Hair loss can appear in different ways depending on the cause. Some types of hair losses are temporary and some are permanent. It is possible to prevent the temporary loss of hair using various home remedies available.

Coconut Oil Massage
Coconut Oil is perhaps the best oil for preventing hair loss. This oil is used extensively in India and no one can doubt the quality of hair that Indian women possess. Coconut oil acts as sealant by preventing hair from losing its moisture. Apart from the fine nutrition that it provides to your hair, the lauric acid in coconut oil has antibacterial properties that keep away your scalp from infections.

Neem Leaves Juice
One of the most sought after herbs in India is the neem leaves as it has loads of medicinal properties. It is also an effective herb to treat hair loss in men and women.
• Boil fresh neem leaves in water until the water reduces to half its quantity.
• Cool this water and then wash your hair and scalp with this water mixture.
• Repeat this process once or twice a week regularly to prevent hair loss.

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How can I stop my hair fall,Homemade remedies to stop hair fall,How can I stop my hair fall,Homemade remedies to stop hair fall,Aloe Vera Juice And Neem Paste

• Extract fresh juice from the aloe vera plant and add dried neem leaf powder to this juice.
• Mix it well and add a few drops of herbal amla oil to this mixture.
• Now apply this mixture on your scalp and hair evenly so that it reaches every nook and corner.
• Keep it on the scalp for half an hour and then wash it off.
• Repeat this once or twice a week to enjoy lustrous hair.

• Heat coconut oil with dried amla until the color of the oil turns black.
• Cool this oil mixture and then apply it on your scalp.
• Massage your scalp with this hair oil mixture properly for 10 minutes.
• Leave it on the scalp for 30 minutes and then wash it off.
• Repeat once a week for effective results.

Homemade Brew
You can prepare a concoction in your home and apply it on your hair to prevent hair loss.
• Mix about 30 to 45 ml of vodka or alcohol with a teaspoon of pepper and pour this mixture in warm water.
• Wash your hair and scalp with this mixture once a week to reduce hair fall.

Lime Seeds
Lime seeds and black pepper combination are found to be effective in covering small bare patches on your scalp.
• Powder the dried lime seeds and add this to fresh grounded pepper powder.
• Mix these powders with small amount of water to make it a smooth paste.
• Apply in the areas of your scalp where you feel hair loss is prominent and massage it to rejuvenate your scalp.
• Repeat this process once a week to see hair growth in the affected area.

Onion And Honey Application
• Cut onion in half and apply the juicy part of the cut onion on your scalp evenly so that every area is covered.
• Now follow this by generously applying honey all over the scalp and massaging it into the scalp.
• Leave it there for a few minutes and wash it off with lukewarm water.
• Repeat this process once in ten days to prevent hair fall.

Eat Right to Prevent Hair Loss
Without strong foundation any building can fall. Same is true with hair. If you don’t provide right nutrition to your hair, they’ll eventually fall. So, start eating and rightly so for your hair too. Haere’s what all you should include in your diet to prevent hair loss.

Protein Rich Foods
Why have protein?

Because our hair is primarily made up of protein. So, if you don’t eat protein rich food, you don’t have hair. Protein deficiency can also lead to graying of hair.
How can I stop my hair fall,Homemade remedies to stop hair fall,How can I stop my hair fall,Homemade remedies to stop hair fall,

Milk, cheese, yogurt
Seafood such as salmon
White meat- poultry
Lean Beef

Vitamins A and C

Why have vitamins?

These vitamins help in producing sebum, the oily substance that is secreted by our hair follicles to prevent hair from breaking off. Vitamin C also improves iron absorption. However, don’t go overboard. Excess vitamin A can even lead to hair loss. So have this vitamin in moderation.
What to eat for vitamin A?
Sweet potatoes
Spinach and Collard greens
Swiss chard
Winter squash
Mustard greens

Super-Tip for Hair Loss…

This is something you’ll love to massage your hair with. This is a lotion prepared with a variety of essential oils. First, I’ll tell you how to make this lotion for hair loss prevention and then how to use it. You’ll need the following ingredients in the exact measure as written below:

Rosewater- 50 ml
Distilled water- 50 ml
Apple cider vinegar- 15 ml
Rosemary Oil- 5 drops
Jojoba Oil- 6 drops
Carrot Oil- 3 drops
Geranium Oil- 3 drops
Now how to use this lotion to massage your hair to reduce hair fall!
Mix all the above oils and water and give a good shake.
After washing hair, dry your hair partially.
Now take some lotion, about 2 teaspoons, that you have prepared after mixing all the above oils and rose plus distilled water.
Rub this lotion gently on your scalp.
Store the rest of the lotion in refrigerator.
When you take out the lotion again next day, you will see the ingredients in it separated.
Shake the bottle again.
Now apply as you did the previous day.
Massage your scalp daily with this lotion and see how you prevent your hair loss in only few days.

Taking care of anything eventually preserves it and promotes it. True for hair too! Fix a good cleaning regimen for hair, do not use harsh chemicals for coloring or styling your hair, and be gentle to your hair. Here are some more tips to take care of your hair to prevent them from falling off.
Avoid constant heating and drying procedures on your hair. Heat tends to weaken hair proteins leading to hair-loss. Thus hair dryers, hot curlers, hot brushes, hair straighteners, hair fasteners etc. should be used sparingly if at all.
Avoid using tight low quality rubber bands, elastics etc. on your hair. Tightly done hair styles can lead to their breakage and eventual hair loss. Medical condition which leads to hair loss due to too tight hairstyle is called ‘traction’. Better avoid such hairstyles.
This trick to prevent hair loss, I bet, you know already- avoid brushing wet hair. And also use wide tooted combs and brushes with soft bristles.

Are you tired of seeing your hair fall regularly? Do you feel that you are suffering from moderate hair loss? If this is the case, then you will need to try out a few of the above mentioned home remedies to easily prevent hair fall.

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