Heart Healthy Recipes

faltuz.comIf you are a heart patient, you are advised to eat low calorie and low cholesterol foods. Heart issues especially strokes are a rising health problem worldwide,eating habits and stress can lead to heart stroke. This is to increase the blood circulation in the body and avoid blocking of the arteries.So we celebrates World Stroke Day on 29th October every year. On this special day, the awareness to deal with a heart stroke and ways to prevent it are spread. On this day, several health associations provide education and support for stroke survivors. World Stroke Day also spreads information on how our lifestyle.

Here are few heart healthy recipes that you must try to stay fit and avoid heart problems

Heart healthy recipes, You can make healthy juices using beetroot, orange and papaya to lower bad cholesterol levels in the body. If the cholesterol levels are high, it can block the arteries and lead to heart strokes. So, try these filling and low fat juice recipes to avoid heart stroke.

Sprouted Salad: It is a filling and a low calorie snack. You can either have sprouts for breakfast or soak them to have as an evening snack. This is one of the most popular salad recipes all over the globe. It is because of the fact that this salad recipe is both tasty and nutritious. Sprouts keep you full and prevents weight gain as it is a low calorie dish.

Beaten Coffee: We all have a habit of drinking at least one hot cup of coffee every day. Coffee is a heart healthy beverage and according to many researchers, coffee can reduce the chances of heart stroke. But, make sure you consume coffee in limited amounts as excessive caffeine can restrict the blood vessels.

Baked Bhatura: If you are a heart patient, you avoid or rather quit oily foods. However, satisfy your taste buds by baking the oily Indian breads. Baked bhatura is a healthy alternative for fried bhatura.

Corn Masala Rice: Corn masala rice is low in fats and cholesterol. This makes it an ideal dish to stay in shape. Try a new dish in your palate by mixing the crisp and sweet corn with boiled and soft rice. The spices can make it a yummy diet food that is light, filling and tasty.

Yoghurt Smoothies: While juices can be made with fresh fruits or vegetables, smoothies are a drink that are not only filling but healthy too. Made with healthy ingredients such as yogurt or milk, smoothies are a nutritious drink for gym freaks. These smoothies are made with berries like strawberries and raspberries. Both are rich in antioxidants that lower bad cholesterol levels.

Carrot Juice: Carrots are one of the most nutritious vegetables. The crunchy vegetable is rich in vitamins and minerals that are good for the body and the skin. Few health benefits of carrots are; it prevents cancer, ageing, heart diseases etc. To protect your heart from diseases, have a glass of carrot juice. It also helps you to get glowing skin.

Idli: This is a highly preferred breakfast dish in most of the Southern states of India. It is healthy as the idlis are steamed and filling because of the rice batter. If you want to make your dull idlis spicy, add masala.

These are few heart healthy recipes that you can prepare to have a healthy and active heart. Which is your favourite?

write yours opinons for these heart healthy recipes.


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