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26/11,on the night when terrorists from Pakistan wreaked  in Mumbai, taking the lives of 166 people.

The Attack of 26/11 movie is based on a true account of the horrific chain of events that scarred Mumbai city forever on that date, by ten terrorists.

Ram Gopal Verma is the Director of this Movie and Parag Sanghavi is the producer of this movie.Paras Sanghavi saying,”I am happy that I convinced Ram Gopal Verma  to make this film in the first place and it is an honour for us to have our film at the prestigious Berlin Film Festival. It is a matter of prestige for us that we are both in the Panorama as well as the Competition section and to get invited itself is a very big thing.”

In this movie, Ram Gopal Varma has depicted the exact sequence of events of 26/11,on the night when terrorists from Pakistan wreaked  in Mumbai, taking the lives of 166 people.

The Attacks of 26/11 features famous Bollywood  Actor Nana Patekar(Rakesh Maria), Atul Kulkarni and Sanjeev Jaiswal(Ajmal kasab) in the leads.

The first hour of the film graphically recreates the violence that Ajmal Kasab and his gang unleashed in various strategic centers of Mumbai, where maximum impact was ensured for their mayhem. Right from the very beginning, where Kasab and his team hijack an Indian trawler, then entering Mumbai and finally carrying out their brutal operation by slaughtering the innocents at Leopold Cafe, CST station and Taj Hotel. There is extensive show of barbarous game-plan of mayhem, massive destruction, merciless killings, agony and violence of the concerned night in the film.

The second half  on the aftermath of Kasab’s arrest and subsequent execution after a lengthy trial.Ram Gopal Varma takes recourse to a degree of cinematic liberty in this segment in a bid to fathom the mind of the terrorist. He sets up a protracted verbal encounter between Kasab (Sanjeev Jaiswal) and Police officer Rakesh Maria (Nana Patekar). The conversation touches upon jihad, religion, and the meaning of being a true Muslim. The scene does provide a glimpse of Kasab’s personal story, but in the end appears to be too much of an overstatement not to be at odds with the realism of the rest of the film.

Ramu makes this film with real facts, figures and even flaws, such is the subject that it shocks, pains and stuns you into silence even now. Watch this movie and see what happen on this horrible night.

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