Salman khan said “hanged the rapists”

faltuz.comNew Delhi: The gang rape of a 23-year-old girl in the capital, Bollywood star Salman Khan said rapists should be hanged.Salman said in my opinion “there should be a death sentence for all rapists”. Such things have no role in human life. I feel disgusted after hearing such things.This is a third grade crime. I also believe that there should be a norm that if a rapist goes to jail, he should be beaten till death,” said the 46-year-old Salman khan.

The rape and torture took place Sunday night, when the woman with her male friend boarded a private bus at Munirka to go to Dwarka after watching a movie.

The woman was beaten up, stripped and raped by at least seven men who were inside the bus. Both the woman and her male friend,  also beaten up.

Salman said”I think Indian society needs to be ‘dabang’  in their approach. I recently read a news where a girl was being molested and people standing nearby were making videos on their phones. This is not the real India and I don’t think if such incidents can ever happen in front of my eyes,” he added.

The actor was in the capital Tuesday to promote his upcoming film ‘Dabangg 2’, a sequel to 2010 hit ‘Dabangg’. ‘Dabangg 2’ releases Friday.

Salman khan,apeal to govt. to hanged the rapists and teach the lesson of criminals.This action should be is very helpful for stop the crime in India.

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