Salman Khan Open Resturants And Hospitals For Charity

Actors are joining bandwagon into the bussiness of food and Resturants.Salman khan also enter this Bussiness.Salman khan planing to open resturants and Hospitals.But it is not for the bussiness .He want to open the Hospital and Resturants for a nobel cause.
Salman khan said “We will start restaurants in metros first…We will open first in Mumbai and Pune and so on.

  Salman told to PTI.”The profits earned from them will go to the needy people living in metros. We will tie-up with someone who has the same kind of ideology… we are doing all this for a noble cause,”. 
Several B-town Actors like Suneil shetty,Dino Morea,Arjun Rampal and Mithun Chakraborty already into this bussiness line for a long time.Salman khan run a charitable trust Bieng Human for the help of needy people.And he also planing to open this Bussiness for same name.

“We want people to come eat, drink and that is how they will in a way do charity. So when you are wearing something, eating or drinking something you are doing your bit of charity, it is all going to help people towards education and healthcare,”We have plans of opening hospitals. We would be doing that…after restaurants are out. We need to earn money to put in a hospital, we need some time,” Salman said.101122-salman-khan-with-karishma-rani-sushmita-preity-priyanka-bipasha.jpg
Salman khan opened first Bieng Human flagship store that has clothing line. He said  this is all about ‘Being Human’,”. “I think this is the worst ever business proposition that anyone can be in. I am happy that I have found like-minded people who are interested in not earning the profit but to be associated with the brand and keep little for themselves and do more charity.
At the opening the store salman khan entire family present at the launch of the store.The family of salman khan very happy to open the store, Actor sohail khan said ” this all are only for charity and help for needy peoples”.

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