Aashiqui 2-Review

 ‘Sun Raha Hai Na Tu’ Track Is One Of The Best Tunes Of The Year From “Aashiqui 2”.


Remaking the 1990`s hit, `Aashiqui`, was a bright idea, given the adulation for the film still exists in the hearts of the audience. But sadly, `Aashiqui 2` has not been given the kind of treatment that a classical on-screen romance should have been given.

Romantic film “Aashiqui 2” directed by Mohit Suri has finally hit the screens this Friday. After giving hits like “Kalyug”, “Woh Lamhe” and “Murder 2” Mohit Suri is back with an intense love story.

Mohit Suri’s idea of opening his film with a song wasn’t a bad idea. In fact the ‘Sun raha hai na tu’ track is one of the best tunes of the year, but its execution doesn’t live up to the song’s melancholy feel.  Guzzling enough bottles to stock up a bachelor pad on a dry day, he accidentally bumps into Aarohi (Shraddha Kapoor) an aspiring singer, making her ends meet by performing at a local bar in Goa. The story revolves around a pair of singers; one past his best, the other making her living performing at a local bar in Goa.


Aditya Roy Kapur and Shraddha Kapoor are the lead characters of the film. “Aashiqui 2” is a story of two people living in the 21st century who deal with pain, loneliness and other issues that audiences in the 90s or before wouldn’t have connected with, the film’s producer Mahesh Bhatt explained, “On the whole, AASHIQUI 2 brings romance back on the Hindi screen — intense, pure, selfless and heart wrenching. A stirring account with brilliant moments, bravura performances, strong emotional quotient and addictive music, this one’s an absolute must watch for the romantics.”

Rahul Jaykar, the lead male role, (Mr. Kapur) falls in love with Aarohi Shirke (Ms. Kapoor) and makes it his mission to help her become a star. In turn composer duo Nadeem-Shravan emerged as superstars, dictating productions because scripts started being written to fit their songs. Their music, largely blending traditional geet and ghazal with a hint of vintage RD Burman, brought back melody after the boisterous eighties.


Aashiqui 2 is in no way about setting trends. The film merely banks on the power of saleable music and the novelty of a fresh cast to enable brothers Bhatt, Mahesh and Mukesh, make maximum moolah within minimum budget as they have done all along.The film’s only saving grace are the melodious tunes and the background score.

Performance wise Aditya Roy Kapoor has his moments when he’s stripped down emotionally. He shines in most of the poignant quiet moments like the one where he stands outside Aarohi’s vocal booth giving her reassurance. Shraddha looks pretty but needs to work on her diction. As a couple the two have the right chemistry for a romantic drama.

So this is all about new Romentic Bollywood film Aashiqui 2 .If you love any one please watch this movie…..

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