3G A Killer Connection:-Review

Neil impresses and lives up once again; He’s better as evil .


3G is a  Bollywood Horror Movie,This is full of entertenment,thrill and more.Neil Nitin Mukesh and Sonal Chauhan is lead cast and Shantanu and Sheershak is Director of this film.

3G gives us carefree couple Sam (Neil Nitin Mukesh) and Sheena (sonal Chauhan) whooping it up in sunny Fiji, surrounded by palm fronds and sparkling ocean fronts.Their holiday turns into horror when they get a ‘phantom call’, which leads to a series of mysteries – of people more dead than alive.He buys a second hand 3G mobile that throws his life topsy-turvy as soon as he switches it on. He begins getting calls from unknown numbers with videos of a woman who either gives him come hither looks or else is in a shrieking mode.


This is a mess of a movie, which ticks off its horror film checklist, one after the other: a church with a steeple, shadowy priests, spirits who wear splashy red gowns and kiss with a forked tongue, mysterious escort girls, ‘mental’ patients scribbling on walls, guilty killers who hang themselves and deadly islands.

Shantanu and Sheershak’s Writter/Director of this movie gives the  idea – that people receive phantom calls which are believed to be spirits trying to connect to our world – is dreadfully shocking, even unbelievable. The story idea can freeze you in fear. Sadly, 3G doesn’t quite do that. Yes, there are a few scream scenes, paranormal panic, blood-curling (and blood-drinking, really) and phantasmal moments (car crash scene, Sam dancing with the dead and parts of the climax), but eventually it goes ‘out-of-range’ and drags stiffly with the weight of the dead.


Neil impresses and lives up once again; he’s better as evil than good. Sonal sizzles in her bikinis, shows spark in some scenes and for the rest of it she wears a faintly shocked expression.

Watch this movie and write your views about this Movie…..3G A Killer Connection..

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