36 Dead in Stampede at Allahbad Railway Station in India

 Police charged with batons at the passengers 36 people are dead in stampede,and severals are injured.


Allahabad-At Allahabad railway station 36 people are dead in stampede,and severals are injured.People blaiming at the railway authority for this incident.Thousand of people are waiting for train at the main railway station of Allahabad,Railway announced a last-minute changing the platform report,  and  people forcing to rush.

Passengers are also blaim at the police,an other passenger Shushanto Kumar Sen said,”We heard an announcement that our train is coming on platform number 4 and when we started moving towards that platform through an overbridge, we were stopped. Then suddenly the police charged us with batons and the stampede started,”.


“There was complete chaos. There was no doctor or ambulance for at least two hours after the accident,” an eyewitness told NDTV news channel.

The Railway Minister of India Pawan Kumar Bansal said,”The reports of foot-over bridge collapsing are not true. There were too many people on the foot-over bridge, which led to the stampede. Railway arrangements were adequate,”an inquiry has been ordered into what happen and led in stampede.


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